Saturday, 20 March 2010

Website Updates: Latest

During the past month it feels like the updating of my website has taken control of my life! The important bits, like the navbars, are working correctly, although they have yet to be tested in browsers other than Firefox and IE.

I am happy with the Index page, my Pedigree pages work, the Tutorials have been completed, as have the Books and Links pages. Yesterday I commenced work on the Photo Albums. During the past year I have taken a number of photos in England and Europe which need to be added to the collections, so I have have decided to split them, on a fairly arbitrary basis to Northern & Southern England, and Central & Southern Europe.

My existing albums were created in flash using SWF Quicker and one of their templates. I considered writing Dynamic CSS based albums, but after consideration, I decided that I couldn't really improve on the Album which I am using. So apart from changing the contents and the background colour I am sticking with what I have.

After this is completed, the next major task will be to transfer my Ferguson One-Name Site to my main site. On the one-name site are over 2000 names, about two thirds of which are Fergusons from northern England, and the format of the pages is that of Family Groups. It also has quite a different background style, so there is much work to be done here.

At present, the remaining eleven days for completion and testing appears to be a remarkably short space of time, so I can imagine a number of sleepless nights between now and the end of the month!

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  1. Good luck.
    I have myself now updated my 4000 Pedigree pages after running them through LTools.

    A relief to have them style sheet controlled See

    After reloading them to the server it was still some tweaking before everything was OK